Extreme Consumption of Energy Drinks related to heart failure, say researchers based on case study

Following a case study of treating a 21 year old, doctors have warned that consumption of heavy energy drink, as much as 4 cans every day for almost two years, may be linked to heart failure.

The study is reported in BMJ Case Reports. In fact, the study is an addition to the growing body of published evidence and mounting concerns of potential harms of these drinks to the heart.

The case study builds on that the individual ended up in intensive care after experiencing progressive shortness of breath for 4 months on exertion, weight loss, and breathlessness while lying down.

Habitually, the individual consumed an average four cans of energy drinks of 500 ml each every day, with each can containing 160 mg of caffeine and taurine along with various other ingredients. This pattern continued for around 2 years.

Besides this, the individual experienced bouts of indigestion, palpitations, and tremor in the past for which he didn’t seek medical help. Meanwhile, 3 months prior to hospitalization, due to lack of wellness and lethargy, the individual had to discontinue university studies.

In fact, blood tests, ECG, and scans revealed both kidney failure and heart failure, serious enough that warrant his condition to be considered for dual organ transplant.

Importantly, clinically, drug treatment and after energy drinks were cut completely, the individual showed improvements in the symptoms and function significantly, however, kidney transplant may be required for an unrelated condition. “The clinical course of recovery or relapse of the condition for the individual are difficult to predict, however,” caution the authors.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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