Extraordinary Experience of Gaming has Boosted Demand for AR Gaming

Globally, the demand for augmented reality and virtual reality have increased significantly in various industries such as finance and banking, healthcare, retail/e-tail, higher education, gaming and energy and utilities. Specifically talking about augmented reality that is widely used in gaming industry. Augmented reality gaming focuses at connecting the virtual world with the real world and uses the existing environment to create a playing filed with it.

AR games are usually played on devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and portable gaming systems. As per Transparency Market Research, the global AR gaming market is expected to grow significantly during the forecast period 2017 to 2025.

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The factors responsible for the AR gaming is increasing affordability for AR games among individuals. Moreover, leading organizations in the AR gaming market are investing in incorporating AR gaming techniques in mobile devices such as tablets, and smartphone. These inclusions have provided an improved and enhanced gaming experience for the players, has benefited the organizations largely, and leads to expansion of the developers of AR gaming techniques.

Technology providers are collaborating with the manufacturers of devices who provide innovating gaming solutions that will further boost the demand for AR gaming devices. Thus, by considering these factors the global AR gaming market is expected to flourish in the near future.

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There are various AR games available in the market, but recently Messenger has launched video chat AR games. Apart from chatting face-to-face, messenger has come up with multiplayer video chat games that can be played in real time. Maximum six people can join the game making the gaming experience more social and interactive. Don’t Smile and Asteroids Attack that are already launched and in coming months more games are coming up such as Beach Bump and Kitten Kraze.

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