Extensive Applications in Specialty Chemicals favors Global Nafion Market

Increasing focus of The Chemours Company – the brand owner of nafion, for the R&D of next-generation nafion membranes is a key factor fuelling the nafion market. Recently, the company introduced nafion extended life (XL) type for applications in transportation and power backup. Due to its extended life, this nafion membranes display significantly high endurance in terms of load handling and humidity cycling.

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Easy commercial availability of nafion membranes is another key factor boosting this market. Nafion membranes can take a number of forms suitable for a host of industries and applications. Some of the applications of nafion membranes in the chemical processing industry are for long-life of chlorine and caustic plants, waste recovery, and ion exchange resins. Energy, analytics & instrumentation, and coatings are some other industry sectors that display extensive demand for nafion membranes.

Below are summarized some key factors pertaining to the global nafion market. Market players both new and existing can leverage these facts to formulate lucrative growth strategies;

• Nafion is a preferred material in the chlor-alkali industry due to its superior performance and endurance in comparison to its counterparts.
• Vis-à-vis revenue, the nafion market is witnessing considerable growth over the past many years. This is mainly due to the growing applications of nafion membrane in fuel cells, energy storage, hydrogen production, waste recovery, ultrahigh purity chemicals, and production of bulk.
• Specialty chemicals is a key end user of nafion membranes. Nafion membranes are highly sought-after for proton-exchange membrane in fuel cells in specialty chemicals. Nafion membranes are second in demand after synthetic proton-exchange membranes in the specialty chemicals industry.
• Nafion membrane display a number of favorable physical properties that is driving their uptake. Nafion membranes are highly efficient over desiccant dryer, permeation dryer, and condenser for gas humidification applications.
• The highly complex chemical structure of nafion membranes makes poses challenges for researchers for newer applications. This is holding back the growth of nafion market to some extent.

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