Exposure to Artificial Light while Sleeping could Trigger Obesity in Women

Several studies related to women’s health are currently underway. The rising incidence of chronic diseases such as breast cancer is a pressing concern for the medical fraternity. It is important to evaluate the risk factors associated with the occurrence of each disease. Hence, a number of research organizations are studying diseases among women. The National Institute of Health has made remarkable progress in understanding the causes of diseases in women. The scientists at the institute conducted a research related to the effect of light on weight-gain in women. Researchers infer that exposure to television light while sleeping can trigger weight-gain in women. This could in turn contribute towards the rising incidence of obesity across the world. The research findings were published in JAMA Internal Medicine on the June 10, 2019.

Findings of Research

The research study concludes that sleeping in the dark by cutting all forms of light can prevent obesity. The research, based on responses from 43,772 women, also analysed factors that trigger breast cancer. The scientists measured the height, weight, hip circumference, and BMI of the women. These factors helped the scientists in relating weight-gain in women to exposure to artificial light at night. Furthermore, the scientists also studied the association of improper rest with several diseases.

Other Causes of Obesity

Obesity and weight-gain have direct relations with inconsistent sleeping patterns. Exposure to artificial light during sleeping hours can further aggravate these conditions. The National Institute of Health’s research may open new avenues within women healthcare.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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