Expanding Sea Trade for Economic Benefits fuels Demand for Valve Remote Control System

With a host of industry wide applications, which includes for marine, piping, and oil and gas, valve remote control systems are essential component of a valve management exercise. Simply put, valve remote control system is a centralised system to control the opening and closing of remotely mounted valve actuators.

Structurally, the valve remote control system comprises control cabinet, valves, actuators, control station, power sources and distribution module, and several other necessary components. Functionally, valve remote control system offers a number of advantages. This includes efficient operations of core industrial systems where they are installed. Besides this, valve remote control system helps reduce labor and maintenance cost significantly as the system can be operated from a remote location.

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Valve remote control system are predominantly of four types, namely pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and electric that mainly differ from each other in terms of the power source. For example, pneumatic system use compressed air to power the system, whereas hydraulic control system use pressurized hydraulic oil as the power source.

The valve remote control system market is predicted to display significant growth in the coming years. Some prominent aspects that contribute to the growth of valve remote control system market are;

• Globally, rising automation of industrial processes is serving to boost demand for valve remote control system. Valve remote control system helps improve operational efficiency and support predictive maintenance in manufacturing industries.
• Expansion of sea-borne trade to support rapid industrialization is indirectly benefitting the valve control system market.
• On a geographical outlook, the Middle East & Africa contributes significantly to the growth of global valve remote control system market. This is mainly because of large oil and gas exports, along with the presence of one the busiest sea-borne trade routes in the world.

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