Expanding Demand for Sour Gas by Various Industries to Augment Market Growth

Sour gas needs to be treated to bring it in use due to high composition of acids in it. Sour gas contains high quantity of hydrogen sulfide. The process involved to get rid of hydrogen sulfide has opened new avenues for the growth of the sour gas market. The rising oil exploration activities across the globe has projected a substantial growth of the sour gas market during the forecast period of 2017-2025. The processing process is done in the chemical factories, A pungent odor is produced during the separation  process .The sour gas which is obtained after the gas separation  process is highly inflammable, odorless, and poisonous. The application of sour gas in various industries has led to exponential growth of the sour gas market. The requirement of endues industries for uninterrupted gas supply can be met by producing pure sour gas.

Sour gas can prove to be hazardous if exposed untreated. The rising demand for gas in industrial applications has surged the demand for sour gas. This aspect has led to the need of developing cost effective and advanced methods for separation of sour gas.


R&D Activities to Serve as Growth Propellers for Sour Gas Market

40% of natural gas reserves across the world has been constituted sour gas. It is quintessential for industrial purposes. Hence, the demand for sour gases has increased to a great extent. The key market players operating in the sour gas market have invested huge amounts in the R&D activities to develop efficient and cost effective method for the separation of sour gas from other gases. The sour gas market is driven by the economic output of sour gas and also the production process. The key players are investing huge amounts in developing a safe and well equipped infrastructure to separate the sour gas from other gases. They have indulged into strategic partnerships with mergers, acquisitions, joint venture, and startups. Such activities have created multiple opportunities for the growth of the sour gas market.

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