Expanding Array of Agent Based on Agonists and Antagonists define Drugs Pipeline for Narcolepsy

Cure for narcolepsy, a chronic sleep disorder, doesn’t exist, but medications unarguably have helped in mitigating the symptoms. Stridently they help in improving the quality of life in patients. Given the disabling nature of this under-recognized problem, a wide array of drugs have been investigated—agonists and antagonists. Hypocretin-based therapies have gathered a marked traction in the narcolepsy drugs market on account of the promise they hold. Various first-line agents, such as modafinil and armodafinil, have kept the drug pipeline attractive. Delivering these therapies through neuronal transplant and stem cell research is an exciting paradigm and an evolutionary as well as novel idea for clinicians in the market.

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Morbidities of Chronic Sleep Disorder Narcolepsy Keeps Drug Pipeline Lucartive

The morbidities of narcolepsy are evident in a wide range of clinical features that surface especially in pediatric patients. Low awareness about the condition has made strides difficult for the market. Nonetheless, primary care physicians and sleep specialists have in recent years become illuminated with the impact that the disease symptoms have on general well-being. For instance, children have been found to show psychotic features.

All-encompassing Approach to Manage Narcolepsy Need of the Hour

New drugs appear on the pipeline on the back of clinical studies that have expanded the understanding of pathophysiology and genetics of the disease. Caregivers are also benefitting from integrating the treatment regimen with approaches that balance drug efficacy with drug tolerance, carefully evaluate the drug abuse evidence, and increase the ease of administration of these medications. Furthermore, encapsulating the drug development with an encouraging regulatory ecosystem lends credence to the market.

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The narcolepsy market will tellingly benefit from the health care industry taking a holistic look at aforementioned aspects and combing them with insurance coverage. Hence, growing role of copayers has expanded the potential of the market, especially in emerging market of Asia Pacific. 

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