Expanding Applications and Innovations Drive the Medical Foam Market

Medical foam market products are commonly used in packaging medical devices and components, prosthetics, and wound care among others. These foam products are available in a wide range of categories such as flexible foam, rigid foam, spray foam, etc. As sterilized medical tools are essential for the medical industry, their wide ranging components require flexible packaging foams which currently hold the dominant share of the total revenue in the medical foam market. In the near future, the spray foam are likely to outperform other foam types as their applications keeps increasing.

Spray foams can be used to spray over a wound, which prevents the blood from flowing out through a wall formation. This innovation in a key medical necessity is expected to drive robust growth for the medical foam market in the near future.

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Wide Range of Applications Drive the Medical Foam Market

Depending on the raw materials used, the medical foam market is further divided into polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, and polyolefin. Among these, the reticulated polyurethane and open-cell polyurethane foams are popular. These are widely used in the medical field due to their anti-microbial properties in specialty sponges, air-filters, and sterilization bags. Additionally, their use is prominent in prosthetic devices such as EKG machine pads and molded covers. These foams can also be availed with bactericidal and fungicidal properties to sanitize various devices and their components.

Asia Pacific Region to Drive Growth for the Medical Foam Market

The medical foam market in Asia Pacific is witnessing a strong growth due to expanding medical sector, growing disposable income, and growing public and private initiatives to boost medical infrastructure. Additionally, the sector held the dominant share of the global medical foam market earlier. The emerging trends and economic growth in India, China, and Japan are expected to take the medical foam market to greater heights. Moreover, increased production of pharmaceutical products and innovation in medical instruments such as sprayed foams are expected to result in significant growth for the global medical foam market during the forecast period.

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