New evidence supports exercise can reverse diabetes damage

To counter the damage of diabetes, exercise can enable the activation of a natural system by growing new blood vessels when existing ones are damaged, say scientists.

Anatomically, angiogenesis is the ability to create new blood vessels, and diabetes does two way damage. It damages existing blood vessels, hinders the inherent ability to grow new vessels in the event of injury and disease, say experts at Vascular Biology Center, Medical College Georgia.

In the human physiology, endothelial cells line the blood vessels and are essential for the growth of new blood vessels.

In the first ever evidence from experts at MCG, in the event of diabetes even a single session of 45 minutes of moderate intensity enables formation of more exosomes, which are submicroscopic packets filled with biologically active cargo, for direct delivery of more protein to those cells, which can trigger angiogenesis in motion, report the sciebtists in the FASEB Journal.

Importantly, what exosomes carry depend on their origin and where they are headed similar to the most sophisticated and efficient delivery services that were relied upon during the pandemic.

While the origin of the helpful exosomes is not yet certain, it is the endothelial cells that they deliver is definite, stated an expert at MCG.

Clinical experiments to establish this involved two weeks of voluntary running carried out animal model with type 2 diabetes and a few healthy individuals of around 50 years old to lead to positive results. Two weeks of voluntary running on a wheel by the mice, and one cardio session for the humans elevated ATP7A levels in exosomes that combined with endothelial cells.

While the impact of running did not have a significant impact on the weight of mice, it increased the markers of endothelial function and factors such as vascular endothelial growth required for angiogenesis.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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