Evaluating EHR in Light of the Custom Requirements of Healthcare Centers

The HIMSS Health Information and Technology Resource Library provides valuable information about electronic health records (EHR). The longitudinal nature of EHR helps medical professionals in deciding a line of treatment for first-visit patients. The presence of a sound industry for healthcare management has created room for the induction of EHR. EHRs helps in analysing medical history, problems, and vital signs in patients. Furthermore, valuable notes from previous doctors and medical practitioners can also be assessed via EHRs.

There is little contention about the importance of electronic health record systems across modern-day hospitals. However, Mr Heungro Lee, an associate partner of VAIIM Consulting Group, explains several roadblocks in successful EHR management. Lee asserts that healthcare centers fail to recognize the custom needs of their enterprise while inducting EHR. He points to the importance of defining budgetary constraints and timelines while deciding on an EHR strategy.

Three-Tier Model for EHR Implementation

Lee proposes a three-tier model for hospitals to understand their requirements related to EHR. The first step for healthcare facilities is to understand the constraints related to EHR. This should be followed by an in-depth analysis of need of healthcare setups. Hospitals should be wary of choosing infeasible EHR systems that do not fit the budgetary requirements. The final step is to set targets, foster standardization, and use HER modules to manage hospital operations.

Improving Healthcare Delivery

 Electronic health records can help in improving healthcare delivery across an organization. The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare has further increased the demand for EHR. The total cost of ownership of EHR along with its relevance is to be evaluated. Lee quotes the example of South Korean hospitals that are focusing on reinventing their EHR systems. Hospitals and healthcare facilities expected to show greater seriousness towards EHR management.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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