European Wind Farms Could Save £1.1 bn Through Developments in AUVs

A subsea specialist based in Darlington is developing ways of allowing the autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to stay at offshore wind farm sites. This is done with the intent to deploy AUVs for inspection of offshore wind farms and terminate the use of cost-consuming support vessels. This could be a revolutionary turn of events in the European wind farms industry and is expected to cut down operating costs by £1.1 bn. Modus Seabed Intervention has partnered with the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult and Osbit Limited in order to effectuate a dock station equipped with vehicle re-charging systems. As an addition to the benefits of cost-cutting offered by the new system, the deployment of AUVs would also reduce the need for workers who currently function in a jeopardized environment.

Research and Development Initiatives by Modus

Modus reveals that it has been engaged in research and development activities in the domain of AUVs since 2012. Their motive behind this extensive research has remained embedded in the idea of providing field resident AUVs that could cut down costs. The project initiated by the company has been funded by Innovate UK, which further bolsters the success rate of the new operations. Modus and Osbit are positive about reaping lucrative results from the project for themselves and for the customers.

Changes in Patterns of Inspection

Contemporarily, infrastructural inspection and seabed surveys are conducted with the help of ROV support vessels. This method consumes a lot of time, incurs huge cost, and relies on the weather conditions. Hence, the development of AUVs would be a prominent advancement in the wind farms inspection domain.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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