Entry of Functional Food Manufacturers is Expected to be Game-changing for Global Digestive Health Supplements Market

There have been some significant developments in the last couple of decades regarding the science related to digestive health. Solutions for digestive disorders and gut problems are no longer under the sole purview of big pharmaceutical corporations. The entry of functional food manufacturers has completely changed the landscape of the global digestive health supplements market. These functional food manufacturers have identified the potential of the market and are thus providing effective and affordable solutions to attract more number of end users. The rise of probiotics and increasing awareness about the same is one of the key factors that are helping the functional food industry to la a strong foundation in the global digestive health supplements market. There are several benefits provided by the probiotics to enhance the overall health of the digestive system. Moreover, they also help in relieving the stress and pain caused by diarrhea. Such benefits are thus helping the market to grow at a great pace.

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Some of the key insights about the competitive landscape of the global digestive health supplements market are given below:

  • Leading life science and functional food manufacturing companies are working to develop new supplements that will cater to the evolving needs of the consumers. Recently, Anatara, a company based out in Australia, announced the launch of health supplement that has the ability to reprogram the microbiomes in gut. The company has generated sufficient amount of attraction with this new product and is striving to develop more such products.
  • The other leading players in the global digestive health supplement market are trying to maintain their strong brand positioning by bringing new products and flavors in their existing product. The companies are putting in heavy investments towards the activities of research and development.

Some of the leading companies in the global digestive health supplements market include names such as Nestec SA, Alimentary Health Limited, Lonza Group, and Nutrica NV among others.

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