Enormous Data Generation Drives Healthcare Interoperability Solutions Market

The global healthcare interoperability solutions market is likely to witness a grand growth in the near future. Thanks to growing healthcare facility and global digitalization. The tsunami of patient pool and ever growing data associated with patient, hospital, and other updates are expected to drive the global healthcare interoperability solutions market to expand in the upcoming years.

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Suggestions for Interoperability Standard Advisory to Boost Growth

The Interoperability standard advisory board seeks feedback from its stakeholders to include them in the resources if need be. In early 2019, they included additional content related to interoperability needs pertaining to medical uses including tobacco use. They also added new appendix. This is the fifth year that they are seeking feedback from stakeholders to enhance the interoperability services. This could aid in the growth of the global interoperability solutions since everything is laid out by the advisory board and are subject to strict adherence.

Collaborations to Improve Interoperability to Strengthen Market

Georgia Healthcare Association is collaborating with Audacious Inquiry to enhance communication and interoperability services across the state. These two companies have teamed up to introduce new EHR notifications systems to enhance the interoperability, data transition, and enhanced patient care. This service is likely to be extended to 170 hospitals across the state. Additionally, the services will be provided at a discounted rate to the Georgia hospital members. These two partner companies intend to reach out to neighboring states such as Florida, Louisiana, and Tennessee. The collaboration indicates a positive outcome, thus, may aid in the expansion of the global healthcare interoperability solutions market in the upcoming years.

There are possibilities of more positive collaborations, joint ventures and mergers from other global players in the market. This could contribute in the growth opportunities for healthcare interoperability solutions market in the upcoming years.

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In terms of regional growth, Asia Pacific is expected to hold a maximum share in the global healthcare interoperability solutions market.

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