Engineers vie to design Ventilators to repurpose Hospital Equipment

In the wake of COVID -19, a group of engineers from Edward E. Whitacre Jr College of Engineering at Texas Tech University are using their time to create ventilators. Mechanical ventilators are much-needed at this hour to aid the medical community.

For the pursuit, members at this college at Texas Tech University have formed a working group, at the behest of Dean of the University. The objective of the group is to design and build new ventilators to serve the world population grappling with COVID-19 pandemic. The group includes engineering faculty, students, and staff led by the senior associate academic dean at the College of Engineering.

For almost two weeks, this group along with regional high school students and participants of high school engineering programs have undertaken an initiative. This is to supply emergency respirators to healthcare workers on the South Plains.

New Designs Underway to aid Fight against COVID-19

Meanwhile, COVID-19 pandemic has already pushed demand for medical supplies to their limit. Thus, in this situation, the ventilators created by the group are likely to be useful to provide care in the coming months.

With this spirit, the team involved is drawing inspiration from efforts undertaken all over the world. So much so, the team has come together to convert anything in the hospital currently not used as a ventilator to be used as a ventilator or respirator. So far, four designs of ventilator have been created and two are in the prototyping phase.

The four designs thus far created are seeking to repurpose a bag valve mask into an automated ventilator. This bag valve mask (BVM) is commonly referred to as an artificial manual breathing unit (AMBU) bag.

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