Energy-storing Solar Cells are Under Construction

Solar cells or batteries are traditional ways to store solar energy. Along with these, new innovative concepts such as intramolecular reactions are creating a new platform to renovate storage of solar energy in a molecule and transforming it to another form as well. This is encouraging to explore the ways of energy storing cells.

Need for new concepts for storing of energy generated from renewable sources is high as storage for this energy and electricity is difficult. Researchers at FAU’s Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy are working to explore alternative ways of storing energy using molecules. These researchers are investigating to store energy and supply in limited amount whenever required. It could be stored in chemical energy and can be converted into electrical energy.

Norbornadiene-quadricyclane storage system is basic idea for this research. Hydrocarbons such as norbornadiene and quadricyclane are most potential chemicals for this research and are most discussed among researchers which have potential to store chemical energy for a specific duration. Under the light, norbornadiene molecule reaction starts and molecules transform into quadricyclane. This reaction works alike any better performance battery, henceforth it is generally known as solar fuel.

Alongside, researchers are focusing on projects such as photochemical energy storage in the molecular storage system in a closed system-fuel cycle. This project is under Prof. Dr. Andreas Hirsch and Prof. Dr. Dirk Guldi. These scientists are trying to derive new groups from norbornadiene and quadricyclane. They are studying the effect of photosensitizers, various solvents, and magnetic field on a fuel cell.

Another project under Prof. Dr. Jörg Libuda, Prof. Dr. Julien Bachmann, and Dr. Christian Papp is investigating on an electrochemical and catalytic release of stored solar energy in many organic compounds. This project is developing electrodes based catalyst system to convert chemical energy into electrical energy.

End results for all of the projects are based to construct the high-performance energy-storing solar cell. These intramolecular reactions will create efficient storage for electricity generated from solar energy.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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