Empty Capsules Market | Current Insight with Future Aspect Analysis

According to the recent empty capsules market outlook, the industry is most likely to witness significant growth in the coming years, owing to the increasing commercialization of capsule based drug delivery from gelatin based products. Furthermore, the empty capsules market revenue analysis predicts that the growth in the public awareness pertaining to the benefits of consuming nutraceutical products is also motivating the industry growth.

Some of the key ongoing trends of the empty capsules market that will bolster the development of the industry include the rising demand for immediate release capsules, as well as the rising demand for dietary supplements, antacids, pain relievers, and anti-bacterials. Additionally, the rising emphasis of the healthcare professionals on preventive care is also generating exciting growth and development opportunities in the empty capsules market in the near future. This trend is also bolstered by the rising number of awareness programs and initiatives that promote the usage of preventive drugs and medicine.

Rising Demand for Vitamins and Dietray Supplements Motivates Growth of Empty Capsules Market

The products and solutions in the empty capsules market can be acquired from various sources, including bovine, natural, porcine, and marine. Major types of products and solutions offered by the leading manufacturers and providers in the empty capsules market include non-gelatin capsules, as well as gelatin capsules. Key end users for the products and solutions in the empty capsules market are nutraceutical industry, as well as pharmaceutical industry, among others.

Key application areas for the products and solutions in the empty capsules market include vitamin and dietary supplements, cardiovascular therapy drugs, antibiotic and antibacterial drugs, and antacid and antiflatulent prepareations, among others. Amongst these, the vitamins and dietary supplements accounted for the largest revenue share in the empty capsules market. This trend can be attributed to the favorable policies related to trade, as well as the rising amount of investments made by key players in development of novel vitamins and dietary supplement products.

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Asia Pacific Dominates the Empty Capsules Market

Geographically, the empty capsules market can be divided into regions like Europe, Latin America, North America, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. The largest empty capsules market size can be attributed to the regional industry of Asia Pacific. The fast paced expansion of the Asia Pacific region in the global industry can be attributed to the rising amount of funding put forth by several leading regional players for expansion of the local drug manufacturing sector. Furthermore, the rapid expansion of the regional nutraceutical industry is also anticipated to favor the growth trajectory of the Asia Pacific empty capsules market in the near future.

Some other major drivers influencing the growth of the Asia Pacific region in the empty capsules market include increasing investments for research by various local governments and constant efforts on improving the regional healthcare infrastructure. Another significant regional industry in the global empty capsules market is North America. The development of the North America region is influenced by the presence of highly efficient and technology enabled healthcare infrastructure, rise in the instances of research and development projects, and the high presence of leading industry players in the region.

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Players in Empty Capsules Market Focused on Regional Expansion and Acquisitions

Owing to a presence of a massive number of leading players, both international as well as regional, the commercial landscape of the empty capsules market is considered to be fragmented. Some of the prominent and incumbent players and manufacturers working in the landscape of the empty capsules market include Lonza Group AG, CapsCanada Corporation, ACG Worldwide, Qualicaps, Natural Capsules Limited, and Roxlor, among others.

These dominant players and stakeholders functional in the empty capsules market adopt various growth and expansion strategies, including mergers and acquisitions, new product launches, and production capacity expansion. For instance, ACG Worldwide established a new manufacturing facility in Minas Gerais, Pouso Alegre, in February of 2019. This move will help the company in expanding its footprint in Brazil. Elsewhere, Capsugel S. A. was acquired by the Lonza Group AG in July of 2017.

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