Employability of Digital Health Platforms across Australia

After the US, Australia is now making concerted efforts to improve healthcare through digital technologies. The use of digital platforms to improve healthcare is a tested concept. Several cases studies about the successful implementation of healthcare IT in the US are available across verified sources. As Australia plans to improve its digital health infrastructure, knowledge of health informatic is extremely important. A registered nurse in Australia makes valued revelations about the importance of using digital health tools in Australia. Further, Angela Ryan, who has a decade-long experience in nursing, explains meaningful solutions for healthcare.

Healthcare IT News interviewed Ryan to get fresh perspectives on the importance of digital health technologies. She elucidated her experience as the Chief Clinical Information Officer at Australia’s Digital Health Agency (ADHA). Further, an important cue from her interview is the importance of mental health in the contemporary times. She asserts that mental health records are the crux of the National Digital Health Strategy in Australia. Ryan also spoke of the scope for improvements in intensive care units within paediatrics.

Initiatives of ADHA

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) is making rapid strides to integrate digital health with other technologies. The agency believes in increasing the efficiency of the healthcare workforce in order to institute positive changes. This can be accomplished by developing a robust framework for digital health across Australia. Also, technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and advanced robotics have gained attention from ADHA.

Roadmap to Digitization

Consultation with stakeholders and decision-makers in the healthcare industry is a key pillar of Australia’s digital health strategy. Further, ADHA plans to address the shortfalls of the workforce, and institute new systems to resolve them. Moreover, an education roadmap for improving the efficiency of the workforce is also underway. There is high hope for digitizing healthcare across Australia in the years to follow.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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