Emerging Challenges of Identity Provisioning impart Momentum to Identity Governance and Administration Solutions’ Deployment

Enterprises networks have begun taking the limitations of traditional access management and visibility seriously. Given a highly dynamic user community, enterprises and businesses need to address the growing complexity of role access management and compliance management. Identity governance and administration (IGA) broadly leverages the strengths of automation and analytics to help them in provisioning identities. Streamlining access certification, controlling identity lifecycles, achieving efficient lifecycle management, and handling access requests are some of the crucial roles that identity governance fulfil among many others.

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The need for identity governance and administration solutions and services has evolved rapidly among enterprise users. This is, in part, motivated by the need for filling the gap between the identity and access management to meet their internal compliance mandates and government regulations. Various facets of IT tasks that mainly hinge on changing user role and emerging identity challenges are factored in while deploying identity governance and administration solutions on enterprise network. These dynamics shape the contours of the global identity governance and administration market and influences its trajectories.

Artificial Intelligence brings New Potential to Virtual Customer Assistants for IGA

Integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with virtual customer assistants (VCA) in the last few years has unlocked exciting propositions in the identity governance and administration market. The trend of integrating AI with natural language understanding for designing virtual customer assistants is a case in point. Avatier Corporation, a U.S.-based provider of identity management solutions for automating IT, has unveiled AI-based VCA for identity governance and administration.

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The solution intends to add a new level of competency to enterprise IGA: helping chatbots to identify affirmative and negative responses and modify theirs accordingly. Such solutions, the company opines, will enable its clients to add more value to self-service solutions. The company added further that legacy identity management solutions will be rendered obsolete, given the potential of automation its solution has.

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