Electronics and Automotive Sectors Increase Demand for Alpha-Methylstyrene Owing to Its Competitive Properties

The global alpha-methylstyrene market is all set to register high growth trajectory in the forthcoming year, states the recently published report by TMR Research. The report titled “Alpha-Methylstyrene Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2019 –2029” underlines that the global alpha-methylstyrene market will gain significant amount in revenues during the estimated period. The competitive properties of alpha-methylstyrene are gaining the traction of electronics and automotive sectors. As a result, the alpha-methylstyrene market is witnessing increased demand from these sectors.

The alpha-methylstyrene market is projected to demonstrate stupendous growth avenues due to remarkable changes in the manufacturing process of alpha-methylstyrene. This compound is increasingly used in various applications owing to its feature of improving the property of styrene-based polymers. Besides, it is found to be more heat resistant than styrene. At the same time, numerous companies are more inclined toward the use of alpha-methylstyrene instead of styrene owing to the stability and handling advantages it offers. All these factors are stimulating the growth of the global alpha-methylstyrene market.

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Automotive and Electronic Sectors Help in Stimulating Market Revenues

The global alpha-methylstyrene market is experiencing promising avenues for growth owing to growing use of SBR, ABS, and SAN in automotive and electronic sectors. The market gains around one-third of total alpha-methylstyrene demand from ABS following SAN and SBR. In recent times, there is remarkable increase in the use of alpha-methylstyrene in resins. This will work as a driving factor for the global alpha-methylstyrene market during forecast period.

Swift development of automobile sectors is anticipated to drive the demand for alpha-methylstyrene in the upcoming period. In addition, growth in demand of heat resistant adhesives and durable waxes is stimulating the growth of the alpha-methylstyrene market.

Numerous Tactics by Key Enterprises Adding to Market Development

The competitive landscape of the global alpha-methylstyrene market is fairly fragmented in nature. This scenario can be attributed to the presence of many global and regional players in it. To outshine in this highly competitive environment, many players are executing diverse strategies such as mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations. Besides, several vendors are growing investments in research activities to offer superior quality products. All these moves are supporting the growth of the global alpha-methylstyrene market.

Formosa Chemicals Industries Ningbo Limited, Ineos Limited, Mitsui Chemicals Inc, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Advansix Inc, Rosneftegaz JSC, Tokyo chemical industry co., Ltd, and CEPSA Quimica, S.A are some of the key vendors in the global alpha-methylstyrene market.

East Asia to Show Significant Demand during Forecast Period

East Asia will hold lion’s share in the alpha-methylstyrene market growth, states the report by TMR Research. One of the key reasons supporting this estimation is remarkable growth in the use of alpha-methylstyrene while manufacturing styrene-based products. The market for alpha-methylstyrene is expected to witness increased demand during forecast period from many countries in East Asia including South Korea, China, and Japan. High styrene-acrylonitrile and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene production in these countries is pushing the demand for alpha-methylstyrene. As a result, the global alpha-methylstyrene market is experiencing stupendous revenues from East Asia.

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Besides, North America is one of the prominent regions where the alpha-methylstyrene market will experience remarkable demand. Major reason supporting this fact is high plasticizer and resin use in this region. Besides, the presence of key companies producing styrene-based products is one of the key factors supporting market growth in North America. Europe, South Asia and Oceania, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa are other key regions in the global alpha-methylstyrene market.

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