Electric Heat Tracing Sees Demand Due to its Lower Operational Costs

San Francisco, California, March 19, 2018: A recent market study by TMR Research, titled, “Electric Heat Tracing Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017–2025,” finds that the product is being increasingly preferred over conventional steam tracing system on account of the former’s low operational and maintenance costs.

An electrical heat tracing system helps in maintaining or raising temperatures of vessels and pipes. For example, petrochemical plants typically have electric heat tracing for winterization or process heating. While winterization protects lines and vessels from freezing during the colder months, process heating keeps the vessels and pipes warm to allow proper functioning of the system.

Electric heat tracing can be constant wattage, self-regulating, skin-effect, and mineral-insulated. Among them, the self-regulating cables, which are energy-efficient since they prevent overheating or burnout because of self-overlapping and require less maintenance, are currently seeing substantial uptake. Electric heat tracing finds application in floor heating, freeze protection and process temperature maintenance, and roof and gutter, among others. Industries where they find usage are chemicals, oil and gas, power and energy, commercial, food and beverages, residential, water and wastewater management, and others such as transportation, pulp and paper, and textile.

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From a geographical perspective, North America currently holds a dominant share in the electric heat tracing market and will likely maintain its position in the near term too. Low temperatures in pipelines meant for oil and gas, chemicals, or other forms of liquids, causing solidification is one of main causes for rising demand in the region. Presence of many key players in the market in the U.S. has also been positively impacting the market in North America.

Some of the key vendors in the global market for electric heat tracing are Chromalox,
Thermon, Urecon, Emerson, Supermec, eltherm, and Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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