Efforts to Mainstream ADAS Drive Prospects in Advanced Driver Assistance System Testing Equipment Market

The drive for advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) testing equipment stemmed from the demand for autonomous vehicles. Incorporation of camera-based sensors in semi- and fully-autonomous cars has spurred interest in ADAS testing equipment market. Advent of new product launches that promise to offer advanced driver awareness technologies has boosted the application of ADAS testing equipment.

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Efforts in mainstreaming ADAS are fueling efforts to the acquisition of better data to help system developers develop reliable vehicle systems. Thus, providers in the ADAS testing equipment have upped the ante by offering robotics and simulation systems equipped with controllable soft targets. Several companies are keen on offering sophisticated motion controlling system to testers in the ADAS testing equipment market. Advances being made in steering robots and pedal robots have made improved the capability of controllable soft targets.

Vehicle Makers Spending Large Funds on Testing Robots for ADAS

A growing number of globally top automakers are leveraging ADAS testing equipment with vehicle driver assistance technology. At the forefront of such initiatives are Mercedes and General Motors. Growing number of tests such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW) are boosting the market. Growing popularity of configurable triggers has positively impacted the demand dynamics in the ADAS testing equipment market. Advent of a range of steering robots for testing advanced driver assistance systems has boosted the market. Need for achieving better control in advanced driver assistance systems is opening new avenues in the ADAS.

Regionally, North America has been for long been a lucrative market. Meanwhile, Europe is expected to emerge as the next hotbed of opportunities for ADAS manufacturers, hence driving revenues in the regional market. The market is increasing competitive, with top players getting inti partnerships, joint ventures, and collaborations to consolidate their presence in it.

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Some of the key players in the ADAS testing equipment market are AVL LIST GmbH, Konrad GmbH, National Instruments, FEV Europe GmbH, Racelogic Ltd., Anthony Best Dynamics Limited, and Oxford Technical Solutions Ltd..

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