Efficacy of PET-CT Scans for Cancer Detection boosts uptake of PET-CT Scanner Devices

PET-CT Scanner Device Market

Due to the alarming rate of prevalence of cancer, efficacy of PET-CT scans for detection of suspicious tumors is stoking demand for PET-CT scanner devices. This is a key factor fuelling the PET-CT scanner device market.

PET-CT scans that are carried out PET-CT scanner devices also support treatment of cancer if the condition is established. It determines the effectiveness of line of treatment administered and eliminates the need of unnecessary surgical procedures.

Besides this, PET-CT scanner devices are used to detect brain disorders, heart conditions, and other diseases.

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For diagnostics, PET-CT scan combines capabilities of PT scan and CT scan. A PET scan involves creating pictures of organs and tissues in the body. Whereas, a CT scan involves X-ray to take pictures of the inside of the body from different angles.

Hardware Advancements aid Market’s Growth

Clinically, PET-CT scan is a relatively new imaging technology. Despite this, PET-CT scan is satisfactorily accepted in clinical oncology as well as other medical fields for diagnosis, staging, and treatment.

The PET-CT scanner device market benefits from technological advancements of hardware. The hardware combination of function and anatomy is true evolution of PET. PET scans that employ 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose is increasingly used for staging solid malignancies, including, lung and colon. This, however, limits the anatomic capabilities of PET scans.

However, integration of PET and CT enables most favorable anatomic delineation of PET findings. Further, it enables identification of FDG-negative lesions on images generated by computed tomography (CT). Together, this serves to improve preoperative staging.

On the downside, the PET-CT scanner devices market witnesses impeded growth mainly because of high cost of PET-CT scans.

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Nevertheless, PET-CT scanning is useful clinically and saves costs involved with individual imaging examinations or invasive procedures. This helps clinicians make most effective treatment decisions. Thus, the PET-CT scanner device market receives a boost.

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