Ecotoxicological Studies Market in 2021 | Detailed Analysis Report

Ecotoxicological studies have become an integral part of compliance for industries. Their key objective is to derive useful information pertaining to environmental risk assessment of the use of chemicals on humans and other species. Regulators world over are increasingly appreciating the benefits of environmental or ecological hazard and risk assessment (ERA) of chemicals. The adoption of good laboratory practices (GLP) and internationally validated standard test guidelines in developed nations is a key driver for demand in the ecotoxicological studies market. Countries in North America and European Union are focus on standard test guidelines for ERA of chemicals. OECD test guidelines are increasingly becoming important in such studies.

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Over the years, the ecotoxicological studies market has witnessed vast strides on the back of increasing traction of 3Rs principle among government regulators. The principle of reducing waste, reusing and recycling resources and products has become an indispensable aspect of ecological sustainability for businesses across all industries.

Relentless Efforts by Stakeholders to Utility and Relevance of ERA to Boost Market

However, the utility and relevance of ERA is still debatable. To make ecotoxicological studies more useful and relevant, focus should be to distinguish between exposure–response relationships that have direct affects and the ones that have likely adverse outcomes. Thus, in recent years, stakeholders around the world are leaning on plugging the gaps in the existing adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) frameworks.

In numerous countries they have been working concertedly to boost the trend of standardization in the ecotoxicological studies market. The adoption of various tools that help regulators extract useful information from mechanistic endpoint data is a case in point. For instance, there has been some pertinent research on developing such AOPs for ERAs of pesticides and industrial chemicals. The evidence is backed by the existing literature. Advances in mandates by scientific and regulatory communities on improving the utility of ERA will pave way to new avenues in the ecotoxicological studies market.

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