Economic Benefits over Human Nurse Assistant swells Demand for Robotic Nurse Assistant

The growth of robotic nurse assistant market is predicted to be notable in the years ahead. Vast rise in the incidence of critical health conditions that require round the clock medical aid is a prime factor fuelling the demand of robotic nurse assistant. Robotic nurse assistant can perform practically each and every task of human nurse assistants. This includes monitoring vitals of patients, timely administering of medicines, and more.

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Robotic nurse assistant play critical role for the care of patients with serious injuries. Patients with severe injuries require round the clock monitoring for any change in their vitals. Robotic nurse assistant intimates the medical staff for any change in vitals that needs immediate attentions. This fosters deployment of robotic nurse assistant to translate into growth for robotic nurse assistant market.

Besides this, robotic nurse assistants can raise an alarm in the event of an emergency. Technological advancements has been a key in the growth of robotic nurse assistant market.

The competitive landscape of the robotic nurse assistant market is oligopolistic in nature. Top-notch players operating in the robotic nurse assistant market include Hstar Technologies, Toyota Motor Corporation, SoftBank Robotics, Fraunhofer IPA, Diligent Robotics, RIKEN – SRK, Panasonic, Aethon and others.

Rise in geriatric population in several parts of the world is another factor boosting demand for robotic nurse assistant. According to statistics, currently, Japan has 27% population above the age of 65 years. This population that mostly suffer from chronic conditions prefer medical assistance by their side at all times. Robotic nurse assistant does exactly this.

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For such individuals, robotic nurse assistant provide quality care as that provided by human nurse assistants. Whilst one-time cost of robotic nurse assistant is high, it turns to be economical for long term care as compared to human nurse assistant. This swells demand for robotic nurse assistants.

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