Medical Gas Market To 2012: Top Industry Players, Revenue By 2018

Medical gases and pharmaceutical gases are specialized gases used for medical purposes, drug processing and various applications of biotechnology. Medical gases include pure gases and mixture of gases for various medical processes. The major types of gases included in the pharmaceutical and medical gases segment are hydrogen, oxygen, ammonia, boron hydride, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

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Technological innovation in the use of medical gases and an increase in demand for better healthcare facilities in developing economies are the major factors which are driving the growth of this market. Medical gases are used for medical purposes such as anesthesia, in test equipment that use calibration gases, and in surgical purposes where a specialty medical grade gas is required.

Medical gases are also used for research purposes such as for incubation of aerobic and anaerobic organisms. Biomedical gases are used with surgical and laboratory equipment such as helium in arterial balloons and carbon dioxide is used in surgical lasers. Medical grade gases are used for administration in patients and include gases such as nitrous oxide and oxygen among others. Industrial grade medical gases are used in medical instrumentation.
The market for medical gases can be classified on the basis of applications and types of gases. The major applications of medical gases are surgery, treatment, research, drug processing, laboratory applications, and instrumentation. The major types of medical gases are medical grade gases, pharmaceutical gases, and biomedical gases.

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