E-cigarettes could Damage Stem Cells in the Brain

A number of people consider e-cigarettes to be healthy alternatives to normal cigarettes. However, several medical professionals and practitioners have challenged this perception. Despite low nicotine content in e-cigarettes, the cumulative effect of their ingredients on human health can be adverse. Recent research conducted at the University of California, Riverside sheds light on the adverse effects of e-cigarettes.

The research finds that e-cigarettes could affect the health of stem cells present in the brain. E-cigarettes induce a stress response in the brain’s stem cells which can, in turn, affect neural health. Youngsters and pregnant women most commonly consumer E-cigarettes. The research in question has paved the way for new insights and further diggings with regard to e-cigarettes. iScience published The findings of the research in their open-access journal.

Properties of Stem Cells
Stem cells mature with age and are vital for the functioning of bones, blood cells, and brain cells. Nicotine delivered through e-cigarettes is aerosolized whilst chemical flavors are added by heating. The researchers are still unclear as to how the chemicals in e-cigarettes affect stem cells. Furthermore, the impact of these chemicals, particularly on the cell’s mitochondria, is still under study. A cell’s mitochondria are responsible for regulating its health, and this is an important clue for the researchers.

Using Mice Samples
The researchers took stem cells of mice as an archetype for this research. Hence, most of the inferences are based on evidence drawn from cell samples of mice. It would be interesting to see the impact of this research on the e-cigarette market. The team of researchers from UC Riverside used cultured neural stem cells derived from mice for the study. The researchers identified that the major mechanism existing behind the EC-based stem toxicity is the stress-induced mitochondrial hyperfusion. More scope is expected to occur in this study in the near few years.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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