E-Cigarette Vapor Impairing Immunity of Cells in Lungs


In a recent study on the e-cigarette, shows that the vapor emitted increases the production of inflammatory chemicals and incapacitates key protective cells in lungs. The key cells in lungs helps in keeping the air spaces clear from expected harmful particles and innate immune system, as per the study published in Thorax journal. The vapor generated from e-cigarettes damages the alveolar macrophages, which protects lung alveoli from bacteria, dust, and allergens got escaped form respiratory tract. As per the findings of this research states that the e-cigarettes are more harmful and have similar effects seen in regular smokers or people suffering from chronic lung disease.

Furthermore, the demand for vaping is increasing; current researches are mainly focused on understanding the chemical composition of e-cigarette liquid afore it is vaped. To have a clear idea of the effect of vapor (condensate or through vaping) the researchers experimented by using extracted alveolar macrophages from non-smokers and those who do not have chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. According to results, condensate was more harmful than e-cigarette fluid and it worsened as the dose was increased.

It also showed that condensate increased cell death and grown the production of oxygen free radicals and boosted the production of inflammatory chemicals more so with the presence of nicotine. Thus, showing that vaping process damages vital cells present in immune system, at least in the laboratories.

Therefore, the efficiency of cells when exposed to vaped condensate that engulfed bacteria were certainly damaged. Although with the help of treatment with the use of antioxidant restored its functions and reduced the harmful effects to a certain degree.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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