Dulux Names Golden Goose and Black Elegance as Color of 2018

Dulux, the world’s leading brand in paints, releases a collection of color palettes every year, which gives a glimpse of what will be the color trend for that year. According to the Dulux global color trend research, ‘balance’ will be the color trend of 2018. The emphasis of the trend is on connection, balance, and community. The theme of this year, that is, balance, includes four distinct palettes, which predicts that the design trends will witness a shift towards being more personalized from being prescriptive. Soft neutrals and raw textures will be more prominent and will be contrasted with tropical, playful brights and luxurious, rich green – a wide-ranging palette that is all about discrete expression.

Dulux has named Dulux Effects FinishesLiquid Metal Golden Goose (a metallic color) and Black Elegance (a variant of black infused with a hint of the deepest brown) as the two main color of the year. The brand manager for Dulux Paints, Martin Tustin-Fuchs, stated that the combination of Golden Goose and Black Elegance is ultra-sophisticated, unapologetic, and decadent. “These rich and deep colors will attract people in any space,” he added. The company stated that the shift toward dark in the design space mirrors the increasing need for strength, protection, and stability among consumers in uncertain times. Additionally, the color trend for 2018 evokes a sense of grandeur as the two hues assimilate deep jewel tones, as well as greys and browns, in order to create both, edgy and classy moods.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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