Driver-Assist Technologies Could Save over $20 Million Annually in the US

Experts predict that driver assistance systems may become a mandatory part of automobile architecture. The need to reduce car crashes has led to the development of driver-assist warning systems for better car-control. These systems intimate drivers about the possibility of drifting away from the lane, or hitting an unseen obstruction. Researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University analyse the costs and benefits of inducting three, key driver-assist technologies. The findings of the researchers are published in the Accident Analysis and Prevention journal.

Analysis of Core Technologies 

The researchers consider lane-departure, blind-spot monitoring, and forward collision warning systems as the primary technologies for their research. The deployment of all these automobile systems can help in saving money lost due to car crashes. Furthermore, this money can increase the total savings of individuals in the long run. The researchers focus on making urgent changes to the automobile architecture. They believe that the industry need not wait for fully-automated cars to realise the importance of car sensors. It is important to harness the potential of automation by integrating it with human -driven cars. The researchers assert that this move could prevent a large number of crashes. 

Estimated Savings 

The researchers estimate the total cost of inducting the three systems at $600 per car. By equipping all the cars in the US with these systems, over $20 billion can be saved annually. Furthermore, they estimate that using such systems can prevent 1.6 million crashes in a year. Also, researchers are persuading automobile manufacturers to consider the pros of inducting these technologies. 

Despite pervasive buying of cars, driving is claimed to be one of the riskiest daily activity. Hence, there is a need for fundamental changes at the level of automobile manufacturers. Furthermore, road safety procedures also necessitate the deployment of core technologies for driver-assistance and control.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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