Dog Poo to Fuel Street Lights

Animal dung has been utilized as fuel since long. In line with this technique, a pilot project is demonstrating how dog poop can be utilized to produce fuel for street lighting. The increasing need for greener and eco-friendly street lights compelled Brian Harper, the inventor of the first dog poop-fueled street light in the U.K., to look for sustainable, abundant, and easily available energy substitute. People have been using flammable gases produced from rotting organic matter since centuries and this gave Harper the idea to use dog poop as fuel source for street lighting. As of now, he has gained support from the Malvern Hills AONB, in terms of funding.

According to the Guardian newspaper reports, the idea is simple; dog walkers deposit dog poop into a hatch and move a handle. The poop is then broken down into smaller particles by microbes in the anaerobic digester, producing fertilizer and methane, which is used to fuel street lights. Harper stated that it took nearly three years to develop but, now, it can light up the lamp-post that is nearby the ridge of the Malvern Hills. He estimates that 10 bags of dog poop can fuel the light for almost two hrs. “The gas light captures the imagination of people and shows them that even dog poop has a value,” he added. The next step, he said, will be to try to gain attention of the managers of urban parks towards this technology

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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