DNA Sequencing In Drug Discovery Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth by 2023

Global DNA Sequencing In Drug Discovery Market: Overview

DNA sequencing technologies are creating new, exciting paradigms in drug discovery and development in various parts of the world. Recent advances in large-scale whole-genome sequencing have not only improved our understanding of various diseases in recent years but also have had profound influence on drug development activities. DNA sequencing continues to play a significant role in the search for new drugs by identifying promising drug candidates for a wide range of diseases, notably including cancer and infectious ailments. The method has considerably lowered the cost of genetic sequencing and helps in making reliably accurate analysis of vast array of genetic data and medical records.

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In various parts of the world, DNA sequencing has been instrumental in identifying rare genetic mutations and expediting search for personalized medicines. Advances in workflows in bioinformatics software, biology modeling, and computational chemistry improves the potential of the entire process.

The report on the global DNA sequencing in drug discovery market offers a critical and comprehensive insights into key growth drivers, recent technological advancements, notable trends and current opportunities, promising avenues, and the competitive landscape. The study takes a closer look at the prevailing regulatory landscape in various regions and the major investment trends.

Global DNA Sequencing In Drug Discovery Market: Trends and Opportunities

The rising application of various types of microarrays and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques for cost-effective targeted or entire genomic analysis of any organism is a key factor driving the market. The rising adoption of next-generation sequencing technologies in identifying new drug targets for oncology and infectious diseases is significantly boosting the market. The increasing role occupied by DNA sequencing in unearthing valuable genetic information through whole-genome sequencing is boosting drug development initiatives. Furthermore, there is an intensifying focus of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies to study drug mutations for developing better medicines through the use of DNA sequencing.

With substantial governmental and private funds pouring in several developing and developed nations, the growing potential of DNA sequencing in modern drug discovery methods points to a bright future. In recent years, there is a surging interest in the discovery of precision medicine. The trend is further expected to unlock exciting prospects for market players. Furthermore, the advent of automated sequencing systems is anticipated to aid in the rapid expansion of the market over the forecast period. Constant advancements in bioinformatics software and computational chemistry will open up lucrative avenues in the coming years.

The limited scope of DNA microarrays in pathogen detection owing to inherent biases and the incompatibility of the current bioinformatics models with the emerging DNA sequencing are notable factors likely to act as bottlenecks in the growth of the market.

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