Diverse Range of Biomedical Applications Expand Avenue of Capitalization in Alginate Market

The vast drive for biomedical applications of alginate stems from the salient properties of the polymer alginate. Among the key properties are biocompatibility and ease of gelation. Other benefits for end users are low cost, remarkable biocompatibility, and low toxicity. A diverse range of applications have emerged , ranging from acting as oral delivery matrices for protein drugs, for microencapsulation, and wound healing. In recent years, harnessing alginate–CS systems for insulin delivery has been intensively researched. Rise in tissue engineering applications has propelled strides in the alginate market.

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Growing popularity of alginate-based fibers in wound healing is boosting the sales prospects in the alginate market. It is chiefly derived from marine plants, particularly brown seaweed and bacteria. The abundance of this class of biosynthesized natural material has opened up new vistas in oncology, notably in cancer drug targeting. A number of biomedical applications continue to expand the possibilities for players in the alginate market. Alginate has shown a god promise in antiviscous oil-fouling function. 

Novel Separation Methods Enrich Landscape

Advancements being made in the nanomaterial mechanism have helped widen the applications of biopolymer membranes. Tellingly, the trend has enriched the landscape of product developments in the alginate market. Novel separation methods employed for composites have helped boost the prospects of the use of alginate in different applications. A promising application is the use of alginate in heavy metal removal from industrial effluents with the use of biopolymers, thereby opening new avenues for players in the market. In recent years, market players are eyeing a promising avenue in the food industry. Functional food ingredient manufacturers are keen on leveraging the biochemical properties of alginate. Over the recent few years, industry players are seining an increased incorporation of alginate in many food and beverages.

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