Disposable Surgical Devices Market | Demand for Disposable Surgical Devices to Soar in Covid-19 Times

The market for disposable surgical devices has evolved remarkable over the years. The uptake of disposable surgical devices can be tracked back to healthcare trends, epidemiological factors, and the underlying microeconomics of the cost in long-term. The growing incidence of healthcare-associated infections worldwide has spurred hospitals and clinics to adopt robust prevention and control strategies. The popularity of disposable devices in healthcare settings stems largely from this trend. For instance, autoclave cleaning and disinfection processes have been widely used to ensure the safety of use or reusable surgical and dental devices.

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Several Limitations with Reusable Devices Spurs Popularity

Oftentimes, either due to lack of reprocessing infrastructure has made it impractical or impossible to conduct surgeries with reusable devices. Another factor can be sheer complexity of cleaning of some surgical devices, such as laparoscopic and endoscopic devices. Further, a growing number of surgeries are performed not in hospital settings, even in developed regions of the world. The processing cost of reusable devices is itself may be a key hindrance why clinics and hospitals are reluctant to adopt reusable devices on a large scale in all emergency OT procedures.

Recent months have seen surge in patients with Covid-19 who undergo surgical procedures or need the use of surgical devices in intensive care units. The high concerns of risk transmission from opportune pathogens is a key trend bolstering the prospects in the disposable surgical devices market. The presence of active cases in some key economies will keep the demand high in coming few months as well.

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However, disposable surgical devices may not seem attractive for cost reasons. Sometimes, hospitals where not many IPD procedures are done daily, may prefer reusable over disposal ones. The economic gains over a period of time that disposables are characterized of may not attract them. Nonetheless, the need for effective prevention strategies pertaining to nosocomial infections may offer impetus to demand in the market. s

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