Disposable Gloves Market: Players Resort to Strategic Alliances to Bolster Position

Disposable gloves find a vast set of applications across a number of industries, including automotive, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, medicine, and food and beverages. Used primarily as a tool for protecting skin from coming in contact with the materials being used, to ensure that some reactive materials or harmful chemicals do not harm the concerned person or certain materials are not contaminated, disposable gloves find extensive demand across the globe. Disposable gloves are also being increasingly used across the consumer domain for household purposes such as cleaning and dishwashing.

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Thriving Healthcare Industry a Boon for Market

The growth of the healthcare industry globally has been a significant factor behind the growth of disposable gloves market. The healthcare industry is a key consumer of disposable gloves, and its thriving growth in developed and developing countries have given significant boost the global disposable gloves market over the past few years. Rising awareness regarding hygiene and measures for disease prevention account for the high demand for disposable gloves from the healthcare sector.

Apart from this, rising applications of disposable gloves in non-traditional end-use sectors such as cleanroom, food, and industrial segments is anticipated to provide immense growth opportunities to the disposable gloves market. Implementation of mandates pertaining to hygiene and disease prevention in medical and food and beverage industry are further expected to fuel the demand for disposable gloves in the future.

Cleanliness and Hygiene Mandates in Food and Beverages Industry Benefits Market

Disposable gloves are increasingly finding application across several industries such as automotive, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals along with laboratories and R&D centers to maintain hygiene. Disposable gloves are primarily used as a barrier between the skin and external environment in order to protect the skin from coming in contact with harmful chemicals or reactive materials. The use of disposable gloves help prevent germs to spread and helps prevent contamination between surfaces in contact. Disposable gloves are increasingly being used in households for cleaning and dishwashing activities.

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