Disposable Face Masks an Essential Non-pharmacological Method in Combating COVID-19 Pandemic

Face masks have become an essential non-pharmacological tool in combating the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. In the face of still-unavailable vaccine for the novel coronavirus, governments and healthcare systems around the world have found a new hope in face masks. The wearing of face masks have come to strictly enforced for both the frontline workers and people at large in preventing the spread of illness.

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The disposable face mask market has made some incredible strides on the back of rapidly bulging demand for the products around the world. Manufacturers of masks of varied nature and size have jumped on the bandwagon to produce masks at rapid pace to keep up with the surge in demand. Especially in countries where the COVID-19 cases are still rising and the danger of community spread lurks behind, disposable masks have come to gain high importance.

Sheer rise in uptake of disposable masks in healthcare workers has helped propelled sakes in the market. Governments in some countries have been proactive and have capped the price of masks for making them affordable for the general population. Rise in demand for surgical face masks that are one-time usable has also spurred the sales.

Manufacturers Abound Offering Vast Variety of Options to Buyers

On the other hand, manufacturers in the disposable face masks are offering variety of options, such as colors and layering to filter out the pollutants and germs. Top players are leaning on meeting  the comfort of wearers as well as ensuring that are well-fit to avoid gaps. Reusable cloth face masks have gathered considerable steam, and have attracted indigenous manufacturers. Such trends expand the canvas for players to attend to the urgent population-wide need in the disposable face mask market. In this regard, governments are promoting the donation of disposable face masks. Medical disposable masks are well-regulated by government agencies in key markets such as in the U.S.

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Apart from medical use of disposable masks, the market is also gathering revenue prospect due to the growing demand for these masks for protective applications.

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