Digitalization Process to Drive demand for Global Cloud DVR Market

Stringent government law to install set-up box and have mandated digitalization of cable network is driving cloud DVR Market growth in the coming. Increasing digitalization of television network is one of the key factors responsible for the overall growth of this market. The digitalization of television offers consumers with the HD Video and Audio and this can be another trend propelling demand for the cloud DVR market in the coming years. In addition, the digitalization also led to provide consumers with more channels at less expense. The consumers are also majorly demanding for digitalization with broader range of channels with improved picture quality, this in turn triggers growth of the global cloud DVR market in the coming years.

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The players operating in the video service market and digital video content are constantly investing in developing advanced product in order to fuel growth of this market in the coming years. The emergence of new video streaming device is other trend boosting market growth in the coming years. The increasing evolution of smart streaming device such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV are positively support growth of this market in the year to come. The growing number of smart STBs entering the market will increase the penetration of cloud DVR. These are some of the factors instigating growth of this market in the year to come.

Intense Competition to Drive Demand for Global Cloud DVR Market

The global cloud DVR market is likely to demonstrate intense competition, thanks to the presence of large number and small number of the players in the region. The manufacturers are likely to gain competitive advantage over the other players due to innovation in product. The prominent players operating in the global cloud DVR market are Huawei, Broadcom, Edgecore Networks and ABOX42.

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