Digital Textile Printing Market to Thrive on Environment Friendly Aspect of the Printing System

Digital printing refers to the technique of printing for a wide variety of digital images. Digital textile printing refers to the process of printing various colorful designs and various artworks on fabrics or textures through utilization of digital inkjet printing device. Growing popularity of these printing techniques is likely to work in favor of the global digital textile printing market in the years to come. The cost of digital printing is comparatively higher than the traditional methods of printing, however, it is eco-friendly and can be used in the making of custom materials. Relentless innovative products and technological progress are estimated to favor growth of the global digital textile printing market in the coming years.

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Reduced Use of Water and Electricity to Shoot Up Demand in the Market

Digital textile printers can eject tiny ink droplets directly onto a wide variety of natural and non-stretch synthetic textiles whereas the process of textile dye sublimation can work only on polyester and blend/poly fabrics. The type of inks and pre- and post-treatment processes that are to be used are dependent on the fabric type that is to used for printing and how and what decoration is to be done. Digital textile printing is suitable for use across many applications and many types of textiles, which are likely to bolster growth of the global digital textile printing market in the near future.

Manufacturers of décor and apparel fabrics have shifted their focus on digital textile printing and are of opinion that digital textile printing holds immense promise for the future, when it comes to water consumption and diminished use of energy. Digital printing helps in controlling pollution of waste and can lessen the utilization of electricity by around 30% and use of water by 90%. The eco-friendly nature of this mode of printing is anticipated to support growth of the global digital textile printing market in the years to come.

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