Device to Detect White Blood Cell Count in Chemotherapy Patients

Much dreaded chemotherapy results in a drastic plunge in white blood cells count which makes patients highly susceptible to various forms of infections. To help out such patients, researchers at MIT have now come up with a portable device which can keep a tab on the level of white blood cells of the patient at his or her home without needing blood samples.

The Device Can Thwart Numerous Infections

Such devices have the potential to thwart a copious number of infections every year in patients undergoing chemotherapy. Their device – known as the tabletop prototype – makes video of the blood cells passing via the capillaries right underneath skin’s surface at the base of the fingernail. A computer algorithm can then study the images to understand if the level of white blood cells are lesser than the requisite amount so that it can become dangerous.

As per the Carlos Castro-Gonzalez spearheaded the research team, patients having this device can go for preventive treatment the moment the white blood cells breach the required level downward.

The finding of the scientists was published in Scientific Reports which stated the device could with great precision find out if the level of white blood cells was drastically low in 11 patients who were being given chemotherapy.

Researchers embarked on the project about four years back. It was a part of the Madrid-MIT M+ Vision Consortium, which now is under of MIT linQ. Postdocs from across the world attend the program to come up with solutions to issues facing hospitals and doctors.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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