Developing Home Hospital Models to Enhance Care and Reduce Costs

Home hospitals have become increasingly popular across the US. The concept of ‘home hospitals’ has emerged as a viable option for patients suffering from chronic illnesses. Under this model, hospital-level care offered to patients in the comfort of their homes. Meanwhile, Brigham and Women’s Hospital conducted a pilot study to understand the relevance of the home hospital model. According to findings, home hospitals have the potential to reduce healthcare costs and offer enhanced care. Furthermore, the study also helps in establishing evidence about reduction in utilization, costs, and readmissions through home hospitals. The physical activity in home hospitals is more matured as compared to usual care hospitals. Annals of Internal Medicine Journal published the findings of the study.

 Need for Personalized Care

 The new study backs the idea of providing premium healthcare services outside the physical scope of conventional hospitals. It also decodes data that points to increased need for home hospitals across the US. The healthcare fraternity has a range of new possibilities to explore through home hospital models. The patients can experience new care models, while the doctors can get an idea about personalised healthcare. Furthermore, community-oriented hospitals are set to adopt home hospital models for their patients. To establish this, a sample of 91 adults at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital studied for the purpose.

 Key Considerations for Deployment

 Patients of pulmonary and cardiac disorders are most likely to benefit from home hospital models. Other important considerations in deploying home hospital models are intravenous medication, remote monitoring, and point-of-care testing. It is important for the healthcare industry to begin transitioning from conventional care to home hospitals. The model is poised to improve the healthcare industry in the US.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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