Desire to Spruce up Interior Spaces opens New Vistas for Growth of Wall Covering Market

Vast rise in spending for decorating interior spaces and availability of wide range of decorative covering for walls are fuelling the wall covering market. The manufacture of a large range of wall covering offers choice to consumers to select wall coverings for individual spaces. Wall panels, wall tiles, unframed mirrors, wall papers, and interior paints are some easily available wall covering products. Paper, ceramic, and metal are commonly used material for wall covering. Contemporary, ancient, mixed, fusion are some styles found on wall coverings. Geometrical shapes, floral motifs, abstract designs are some patterns of wall coverings that can be chosen to fit individual spaces.

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Besides decoration, wall covering is used for protection purpose also. Wall covering comes with the benefit to protect the wall from scratches or scribbles made by kids or made accidentally. In addition, wall covering adds elegance and splendor to indoor spaces.

Wall covering is used for other purposes too. Wall covering helps in assisting protection of walls against sunlight, dust, sleet, and torrential rains among other environmental elements. Multiple benefits of wall covering are estimated to favor the growth of wall covering market in the years ahead.

Number of Retail Sales Channels spurt Growth in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific has emerged as a key region in the wall covering market. Vast construction initiatives for the development of residential and commercial buildings in developing countries of the region is indirectly benefitting the wall covering market. Rising disposable income and availability of a wide range of decorative wall coverings is resulting in impressive growth of wall covering market in the region.

Availability of wall covering via a number of retail channels also bodes well for the wall covering market in the region. Rapid urbanization along with expansion of distribution and retail channels to cater to the new-age customer are favoring the wall covering market in the region. Specialty store, building material dealer, mass merchandizer, home center, furniture store, and e-commerce are some retail channels for sales of wall covering in the region.

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