Design Innovations and Technological Developments stimulates growth of Stroke Assistive Devices Market

Technological advancements in assistive devices for post-stroke care is opening new growth models in the stroke assistive devices market. Research suggests post-stroke care plays a key role for speeding recovery in patients of stroke. Stroke often becomes a cause of secondary conditions such as trauma and stress among patients, which requires equipment and assistive technologies to manage the condition. This propels the stroke assistive devices market.

Significant investments for the design and development of novel medical assistive devices widens growth prospect of the stroke assistive devices market. Changing lifestyle resulting in higher incidence of stroke and other cognitive diseases has, in general, expanded the demand for medical assistive devices, including stroke assistive devices.

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Rising awareness for the benefits of stroke assistive devices and increasing affordability further aid the growth of stroke assistive devices market. Individuals are recognizing the benefit of using stroke assistive device that helps with mobility and reduced dependency on others for everyday function. Favorable reimbursement policies for stroke assistive devices is a plus for the growth of stroke assistive devices market. In Western countries, private medical insurance and sometimes government-aided medical insurance cover stroke assistive devices under medical insurance.

Key Players focus on Product Innovation to widen revenue share

Key players operating in the stroke assistive devices are focused on product innovation and product improvement. Large players are investing heavily in R&D for the design and development of avant-garde products. Collaborations with medical research institutions is a key element of such initiatives undertaken by large manufacturers in stroke assistive devices market. Impetus to manufacture products suitable for hospital, home and other settings widens the growth horizon of keen players in the stroke assistive devices market.

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Key companies operating in the stroke assistive devices market include Health Robotics S.R.L., Intuitive Surgical Inc., Mazor Robotics Ltd., and Accuray Inc.

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