Demand for Kaolin Filliped by Soaring Sales of Ceramic Products

San Francisco, California, November 28, 2017: TMR Research has recently added a report to its repository, titled, “Kaolin Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017–2025.” The report studies the market from different angles to unravel its competitive landscape and spot key trends in it. With such crucial information, it aims to educate stakeholders on how best to bet on the market.

Kaolin, a clay material, finds application in numerous industries on account of the aesthetic and structural benefits it accords to the final products. Currently the market is characterized by intense competition on account of the presence of a copious number of players. Some of the main industries which make use of kaolin in their manufacturing processes are fiberglass, paper, and ceramics.

At the forefront of driving demand in the global kaolin market is the soaring demand for ceramic products such as tiles and sanitary ware. Besides, their rising application in the cement industry as a supplementary material is also expected boost the market in the next couple of years. In fact, there has been a rising demand for supplementary cement materials (SCM) due to a slew of regulations such as the Global Warming Solutions Act 2006 and the Clean Air Act targeted at bringing down emission of greenhouse gasses. This coupled with a flourishing construction industry, particularly on account of the increasing wealth of people in developing countries in Latin America and Asia Pacific, has led to the demand for premium housing utilities such as ceramics floors. This in turn has significantly boosted the market for kaolin.

The paint industry too is substantially boosting demand for kaolin owing to its ability to improve the properties of the color and glossiness. Further, it helps in enhancing product life which is predicted to positively impact the market in the near future too.

Posing a challenge to the market, on the other hand, is the declining demand from paper publishing industry owing to the rise of online publishing avenues. The growing ebooks industry which is gaining traction on account of its convenience and the positive impact on the environment is dealing quite a blow to the global kaolin market. Kaolin is used as a filler and coating material in paper and pulp industry.

In the next couple of years, with the surging demand for decorative paper and also because of the strict labeling requirements for food packaging mandated by numerous governmental regulations, new opportunities will likely emerge in the market, offsetting the losses from a declining paper industry to an extent.

From a geographical standpoint, Asia Pacific is a key market that is witnessing solid growth on the back of a booming construction industry in emerging economies of China and India. Other nations playing a key role in promoting the market in the region are South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

In order to enhance their geographical outreach and diversify the product portfolio, keen players in the global kaolin market are banking upon strategic mergers and acquisitions. Some of the prominent names operating in the global kaolin market are I-Minerals Inc., Daleco Resources Corporation, Imerys SA, BASF SE, and Kaolin AD. The report throws light on their sales and revenues, market shares, popular strategies, and prospects going forward. It also leverages popular analytical tools such as Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT analysis in order to understand the opportunity and pitfalls players might encounter while trying to grow their market shares.

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