Demand for Virtual Prototype (VP) to gather Traction in Computer-Aided Manufacturing Systems

The considerable drive for virtual prototype (VP) in product development process (PDP) stems from the rising demand for computer-aided manufacturing systems. In numerous developing and developed countries, virtual prototyping is emerging as potential promising technique to make product development processes more efficient. Design flexibility and cost concerns are key propositions which have generated substantial interest in adopting virtual prototype in almost all stages of product design in various industries. Its adoption by end users enables them to use concurrent hardware and software development across the entire product development chain, leading to better industrial products.

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The rising shift of product development companies toward adopting mass customization in their production strategy has also imparted a large drive to the demand for virtual prototyping. Some of the key techniques used in virtual prototype are computer-aided engineering, computer-aided design (CAD), and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programming.

Medical and Healthcare Industries to witness Exciting Frontiers

TMR Research projects an enormous potential in the global virtual prototype market. Some of the key application areas of virtual prototypes are the aviation, shipbuilding, oil and gas, automotive, and construction industries. Of these, stakeholders in the medical and healthcare industries are showing massive interest in virtual prototype method in product development for medical applications. The popularity of the method is attributed to their potential in simulating complex problems of the human body in a medical environment.

Virtual Prototyping to help in Next-Generation Chip Design

Virtual prototypes are also expected to observe rising demand in the construction industry, where they are increasingly adopted to integrate different design software across the entire construction process. In large construction projects, VP is likely to gain traction owing to several benefits such as improvement in safety management performance, better management of life cycle, and effective project execution.

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VP is also expected to gather interest among systems-on-chip (SoC) companies to speed up their hardware design. The vast benefits incurred to hardware designers, given the growing complexity of chip design, is a key trend that will bolster the uptake of virtual prototype methods.

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