Demand for Phosphatidylserine to pick pace riding on back of Popularity of Cognitive Effects of Nootropic

Over the past few years, the food supplements industry has picked up pace. There have been umpteen products in the industry promising profound health benefits. Phosphatidylserine (PS) is one of them. It plays vital role in cellular functions of the human brain. Thus, the brain-boosting ingredients of PS have been the cynosure of attention of researchers investigating its potential as supplement. World over, its usage as nootropic bears vast potential in helping the consumer fight stress, boost cognitive development, and enhancing memory. The global phosphatidylserine market bears a bright prospect.

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Phosphatidylserine holds Potential in Alzheimer’s

The intake of PS from diets fails to bring any significant benefits. Reasons may be varied—low gastrointestinal absorption and the lack of sufficient availability in food diets. In various regions with growing awareness functional supplements, athletes and health enthusiasts are developing a liking for PS.

In young adults, PS has shown useful in keeping cortisol levels under check. Meanwhile, children are fast emerging target cohort in the global phosphatidylserine market. Further, ceaseless research efforts in developing markets to explore the potential of PS in hard-to-manage degenerative diseases bodes well. Analyzing the role of PS in managing Alzheimer’s disease is a recent case in point.

Focus on Bioavailability might Up Therapeutic Efficacy and Safety Profile

Industry players, notably drug makers and functional foods manufacturers, are looking for new ways to add value to the supplementation route. Increasing focus on improving their bioavailability is one such trend. Despite the vast potential, the lacking scientific evidence for therapeutic efficacy has been a big hurdle.

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The global phosphatidylserine market is also likely to gather momentum from growing popularity of nutraceuticals. Moreover, the demand has picked up pace due to recognition of its cognitive potential, especially in developed countries. However, inadequate PS preparation comes up with serious health concerns, limiting its potential. Hence, stakeholders should work on improving the safety profile of this nootropic.

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