Demand for New Techniques Benefit Industries in Environmental Testing Market

Environmental testing market has made strides on the back of the pressing demand for analytical techniques to detect pollutants and trace chemicals. Striking advances have been made in the instrumentation for meeting the needs of regulatory norms and industry standards. End users have benefitted from the increasing trend of testing for samples in soil, water, air, petroleum, sludge, and chemicals. The advent of state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation has spurred new revenue potential in the environment testing market.

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Rise in demand for testing of trace analysis such as hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, metals, and contaminants is boosting the environmental testing technologies. Over the years, environmental testing has seen new avenues on the back of emerging regulations in the semiconductor industry, life sciences, and pharmaceutical sector.

Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor End-Use Industries See Vast Appetite

Strides in nanotechnology and the use of nanomaterials in drug discovery are bolstering the prospects in the environmental testing market. Rise in demand for environmental testing for the proper functioning of electronics equipment is a key revenue generator. The need for new electronic designs is a key aspect in the expansion of the market.

Some of the environmental testing modalities that have attracted the attention of industries for meeting compliance requirements are Soil and Environmental Analysis for Pharmaceutical Contamination, REACH Testing, and Trace Analysis. Another case in point is physicochemical EHS testing program for meeting the norms of OECD Test Guidelines for the Chemicals. The scope of these tests is vast, notably including zeta potential, purity and composition, and porosity.

The polymer industry has seen the adoption of new techniques in environmental testing. New grounds of testing also emerge from the growing utilization of nanomaterials in the pharmaceutical industry. An array of specialized applications of the state-of-the art environmental testing technologies have emerged such as in environmental oil spill forensics. This has expanded the horizon of the market’s growth.

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