Demand for Improving Vehicle Performance Fuels Automotive Battery Thermal Management System Market

Trend in vehicle electrification is rising significantly due to the governments’ stringent regulation in emission. Battery plays a crucial role in electric propulsion system. Although, there are various limitations in operating battery performance such as specific energy, cost, power, lifespan, and efficiency. Thus, improving battery performance is considered as a vital parameter for increasing overall efficiency of the vehicle.

Automotive battery thermal management system helps in controlling battery cells’ thermal behavior. The manufacturers in the automotive battery thermal management system test new arrangements, technologies, design, and materials for improving the overall durability of such powertrain technology. Such manufacturers are facing challenges in the area of energy consumption of automotive electrical equipment. They are adopting latest energy-efficient technologies due to the stringent norms by governments’ in carbon emission. However energy efficient technology helps in minimizing the heat dissipation through an electric control unit, electric inverter, and water pump. Such technologies are adopted in automotive industry manufacturers for improving the overall dynamics of automotive battery thermal management system.

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Going forward, the global automotive battery thermal management system market is expected to grow at a solid pace owing to the convenience it provides to the automotive manufacturers for improving vehicle performance.

Rising Charging Infrastructure to Boost Automotive Battery Thermal Management System Market

Increasing awareness regarding electric vehicles, growing automotive industry worldwide, and rising governments’ initiatives in tax exemption are the major factors believed to be driving the global automotive battery thermal management system market. Apart from these, rising governments’ subsides in purchasing electric vehicles, growing investments in charging infrastructure, and rapid depletion of oil reserves are also expected to fuel automotive battery thermal management system market.

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Furthermore, there are several technologies used in automotive battery thermal management system such as liquid system and forced air system. However, growing demand for battery electric vehicles for cutting carbon emission is the major factor believed to boost the global automotive battery thermal management system market.

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