Demand for Effective Anticoagulant to Fuel Bivalirudin Drug Market Growth

Bivalirudin is known as direct thrombin inhibitor (DTI), which is mainly a synthetic 20 residue peptide. This type of peptide reversibly inhibits thrombin through binding the active site of it. Such alteration does not allow thrombin to activate fibrinogen into fibrin. Thus, the process of blood clotting stops. Bivalirudin is considered as an effective anticoagulant which helps in preventing blood clots. These drugs is for IV use only and supplied as a lyophilized product, sterile, and glass vials. Bivalirudin drugs are highly consumed by the patients with severe chest pain and the patients who are going through angioplasty. Bivalirudin is also utilized through conjunction with other drugs or medicines. Such USPs are driving the global bivalirudin drugs market.

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Bivalirudin drugs are extensively consumed by the patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) procedures. Although, bivalirudin drugs are not prescribed to the patients with active major bleeding. The common side effects associated with the consumption of bivalirudin drugs are back pain, nausea, headache, and hypotension. However overdose of bivalirudin is partly cleared by renal mechanism.

Going forward, the global bivalirudin drugs market is expected to grow at a solid pace owing to the convenience it provides to the patients.

Rising Use of Bivalirudin Drugs among Patients Undergoing PCI Boosts Market Growth

Bivalirudin is most commonly used as an alternative to heparin for children. This is the consistent anticoagulant and unlike heparin, bivalirudin does not require antithrombin to be effective. Such factor is boosting the global bivalirudin drugs market. However, the acute coronary syndrome increases the number of deaths globally. Thus, the demand for PCI is rising for managing acute coronary syndrome.

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Furthermore, the demand for effective anticoagulation therapy is also increasing at the time of PCI for reducing the risk of thrombotic complications, which in turn is also fueling demand in the global bivalirudin drugs market. Bivalirudin drug does not cause complications such as ischemic and hemorrhagic. Such advantages are also propelling the global bivalirudin drugs market.

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