Demand for Acrylic Surface Coating Market Increasing from Automobile and Construction Industries

Acrylic surface Coatings are pains that dry fast, and comprise of pigments suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Made up of acrylic or metal acrylic polymers which possess extremely strong retention property, acrylic surface coatings have benefits such as high surface hardness and elastomeric finish. Acrylic surface Coatings are applied extensively on buildings and as roof coatings. According to Transparency Market Research (TMR), since acrylic surface coatings are eco-friendly in nature, environmental regulations are playing an important role in bolstering and encouraging the use of acrylic surface coatings.

The blog post below answers important questions regarding acrylic surface coating market by TMR

Q. Which regional market is expected to flourish within the acrylic surface coating market and why?

It is Asia-Pacific that is currently leading within the acrylic coating market and this is because of flourishing and user industries such as furniture, construction, metal, and automotive in Asian countries such as China, India, and Japan. The queen disposable income of the people in the Asia-Pacific is anticipated to create a demand for aesthetically appealing coatings and this in turn will benefit the acrylic surface coatings market. In addition to this, the driving automobile sector across countries such as Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, China, and India also bolster the demand for these coatings in the region.

North America and Europe are also key markets for acrylic surface coatings. There exists a huge market for furniture in Europe and this in turn is anticipated to propel the demand for wood substrate acrylic coatings.

Q. What are the key reasons behind the growth of the global acrylic surface Coatings Market?

One of the key factors driving the growth of this market is the eco-friendly nature of acrylic surface Coatings. This is creating a favourable environment for the growth of this market in terms of receiving support from government and other environmental regulatory bodies. Several advantages of acrylic service cool things which are also behind it’s higher adoption rates. These advantages include fast drying time, white pigment compatibility, and ease of application. Moreover, surface properties of the substrate can be modified by acrylic coating as per it’s application for decorative or functional purpose.

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Q. Among the various substrates of acrylic surface coating namely metal, wood, plastic, and concrete which is highly popular?

The construction industry is one of the biggest and user Industries for acrylic surface coatings, making use of concrete substrate. With rapid urbanization and infrastructure development, there is a high growth of the construction sector, which in turn is propelling the demand for concrete basic early coatings. With increasing disposable income of the people in developing nations, there is a rise in the demand for wooden furniture favouring the growth of the substrate. The demand for metal substrate acrylic coatings, is however the highest on account of its extensive use in automobile sector, machinery and equipment, steel and aluminium coil, and freight containers.

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