Dell to Launch its Mixed Reality Headset, and XPS 13 with 8th-gen Intel CPUs

For the first time, a prominent computer technology company, announced its first mixed reality headset, Dell Visor, for Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform. Considered as the culmination of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the new headset is speculated to be launched somewhere in October, 2017. In another key development, Dell has announced numerous crucial updates to its XPS (XPS 13) and Inspiron systems. The new devices will have 8th-generation CPU Intel processors. The new Inspiron 7000 clamshells and two-in-ones is announced to be available on October 3 this year and is priced starting from US$ 799, while its pair of Visor controllers will fetch a price of US$ 99.

VR Headset Boasts of Being Less Cumbersome and Affordable

The entry of the technology company in the mixed reality arena, though belated than most other established players, has upped up the ante in the AR/VR market. According to Dell, its purported easy-to-use features and the increased affordability are anticipated to be the differentiating features. The Dell Visor with its head-wrapping ring offers easy wearability and boasts of controllers that can support inside-out tracking, without any external sensors or webcams. In addition, the set offers connectivity with any compatible PC or port using a single cord, through Type-C connector. This makes the headset less cumbersome on the user’s face than most other AR/VR headsets, like Oculus Rift, contends the maker.

Dell Devices to Include Quad-Core Chips and ‘Dynamic Power Mode’ Functionality

The Dell XPS 13 after the announced updates will feature Intel’s 8th generation CPU. The updated version called Coffee Lake will notably be equipped with quad-core chip, and along with the feature called “dynamic power mode, the performance of the computing devices will get an overhaul, opines the manufacturer. The sensors in the devices will monitor the functioning CPU and GPU, and will minimize any heat production throughout the hardware of the device. According to Dell, the feature leads to a performance boost by as much as 40%. The CPU update will also be incorporated in its Inspiron 7000 line of clamshells and of convertibles as well. Along with a host of attractive functionalities Dell’s updated devices will offer an extended battery life nearing nine hours.

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