Degrading Air Quality in the Middle East is Pushing the Demand for Gulf Cooperation Council Activated Carbon Market

The development of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) activated carbon market depends upon the advances in the chemical as well as energy industries. The GCC that has leading Middle East nations as its members, has undertaken several projects associated with sustainable energy and conservation of energy. The member countries of the council are concentrating on reviving their economic growth by cutting down the dependency on the oil resources. Moreover, these nations from the Middle East are making a conscious effort to fortify their renewable energy sector. As the conditions become favorable for the development of renewable energy, it is expected to help in growing the demand for activated carbon. In addition to this, the sincere efforts and initiatives undertaken by various Middle Eastern governments as per the suggestions provided by the Gulf Cooperation Council are also expected to help in the development of the market.

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The Gulf Cooperation Council activated carbon market is expected to achieve stellar growth over the course of the given forecast period as the activities to tackle pollution take the front seat. The use of activated carbon is not limited to a specific industry and thus has some use across different sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and energy.

Some of the recent notable developments in the Gulf Cooperation Council activated carbon market are listed below:

  • Carbon Activated Corporation has turned out to be an important provider of activated carbon. The company concentrates on providing onsite services to a wide range of clients in the Middle East. Regeneration of previously used activated carbon is one of the primary applications of the company.
  • A recent study found that the Internal Air Quality or IAQ has largely been ignored in the region. This research forced several governments and regulatory bodies to adopt core technologies that will help in improving the quality of air. The use of activated carbon as an air purifier is an important trend in the Middle East.

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